The scene was a familiar one. At my grandma’s for thanksgiving and someone pulls out a box of cheerio’s for the grandkids. I do my best to limit my kids intake, get questioned by my family and then mocked. This is the life of the anti-GMO foodies.

Cheerios facebook page has been bombarded with negative feedback for their funding (Through General Mills) of the “no” vote on Prop 37 in California, which prevented genetically modified food from being labeled as such.

I Feel Like An App

Cheerios posted and app on their facebook that allowed fans to post a word or two about how they felt about cheerios. Once the negative comments began pouring in they had to pull the app.

I first saw chatter about this on the facebook page Occupy Food but did not examine or connect the dots until a blog post by Check out some of the pictures posted by the Occupy Food admins and others.

If This Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right

General Mills is not the only company donate to the vote now campaign and they are not the first to get bombarded on facebook either. But in terms of truly occupying a page, this is a job well done.

There are three types of people in this debate.

#1 – Labeling is needed through any means. I want to know what’s in my food.

#2 – Labeling is needed but not through government. Since GMO companies leveraged the government in every possible way to dominate the seed business, I’m conflicted.

#3 – No labeling. If there is labeling, it will hurt our sales.

For those who fall under #3, you are a scumbag POS. The majority of the #1′s and #2′s basically agree about GMO labeling and food awareness so any debates regarding minute details on how this is accomplished should cease to exist.

For example, I could get into long winded dialog regarding the fact that the government will probably screw it up, if it ever is required (by the government, through force). On principle a libertarian or Anarchist may have real issues with this but for the particular issue, exceptions have to be made.

It does not mean that if you fall under #2 that you have to be a cheerleader for Prop 37 or other calls for government power, but it means that you see the monumental leap forward in raising food awareness. There is nothing more mind numbing than hearing an anarchist argue with a minarchist about slight variations in foundation beliefs, frolicking in their differences rather than unifying thought.

Take one look at the world we live in and it’s obvious that government accepted as real by the vast majority of the world. As such, the state is going to be leveraged for ‘bad’ and ‘good’ purposes. Supporting the good, even if simply through a tip of the cap, is the kosher move.

This is because the votes at the booth will translate to more cautious buyers, which is the only real vote we are left with.

There are a bunch of people pulling out the Cheerios box at grandmas house and thinking twice. There are a bunch of people watching their toddler eat Cheerios and feeling slight guilt inside. Occupy Food, for the win.

Jesse Herman is the Founder of The Natural Independent. His work has been seen on Huffington Post,,, and more. In addition to writing, he is a web developer and video producer. He abides by the Jimi Hendrix principle: I’m the one who’s gonna die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.