Jesse Ventura appeared on Infowars with Alex Jones to discuss the election and addresses the the Prop 37 results that showed Californians do not want to know what is in their food.

Jesse Ventura Says:

People don’t want to know what’s in their food? Even China and Russia do it. And the people of California are going to say ‘no we don’t want to know’? Clearly, if they are using electronic voting machines, I right there am very suspect. We must ban those things. Go back to a paper ballot and go back to hand counting. I can’t believe that, that would fail. Especially in a state like California because California is extremely liberal on most parts, they seem to be most of the time.

He goes on:

I don’t trust the electronic voting machines at all. They can be hacked into just like any computer can. Again, they don’t give a receipt, it’s the equivalent to…I’ve said it many times, it’s like going to an ATM machine that did not offer you a receipt, nobody would do it. You of course whether you take the receipt is up to you. But always an ATM machine will offer you a receipt. Well, these electronic voting machines don’t do that. And until they start to do that, they need to be gotten rid of.

Ventura makes some valid points. Whether or not there is foul play is pure speculation. It could be that the millions of dollars spent by Monsanto and the rest was enough to change peoples minds, but considering a month ago 2/3′s of the public favored labeling, it is a dramatic turnaround.

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