Those who idolize Steve Jobs for his unique approach to life should be aware that he named his company, ‘Apple’ after adopting an all fruit diet. While its’ followers generally regard eating a fruitarian diet as the only healthy, natural diet, new scientific discoveries contradict these claims. It is believed by some, that his untimely death, due to pancreatic cancer had something to do with this fruitarian diet, even though he gave it up years earlier. While eating fruit in moderate amount has obvious benefits for people, eating only fruit can have drastic consequences on the pancreas and other bodily functions. Therefore, individuals considering jumping on the raw food bandwagon, specifically raw fruit should be sure that they are aware of the dangers of eating a high percentage of their calories through fruit. The reason a fruitarian diet can be problematic is mainly due to the high amount of fructose typically consumed in the diet.

The reason that the detrimental effects of a high fruit diet have come onto center stage is because, ironically enough, Ashton Kutcher was recently rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains due to eating a fruitarian diet while preparing for playing the part of Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie, “Jobs.” After a series of tests, it was confirmed that his pancreatic enzyme levels were in an abnormal range. Kutcher believes that this was a direct result of eating a fruitarian diet.

After being taught by our parents to eat our fruits and vegetables are we now supposed be dissuaded by this old time advice? Those who are following these guidelines should be aware that fruits are still great sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber. In moderate amounts, fruits are essential for vibrant health.

Now when one takes part in an extreme diet such as the fruitarian diet they need to understand that they may not be getting all of their required nutrition or may be getting too much of certain elements. Those who adopt a fruitarian diet are known for being notoriously low in vitamins B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc and certain fatty acids. They also are receiving a great deal of fructose and this is wherein the major problem to a fruitarian diet arises.

Fructose consumption should be less than 25 grams a day for normal individuals and 15 grams for those with pancreatic conditions or diabetes. This amount is roughly 3 sweet fruits a day, given that no other fructose is consumed during the day. That means that individuals should stay away from soda or any other item that contains fructose or high-fructose corn syrup.

According to Dr. Mercola, fructose consumption in amounts greater than 25 grams a day can result in insulin resistance, glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, diabetes, elevated triglycerides levels, obesity, leptin resistance, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, microvascular disease, hyperuricemia, renal damage, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and will even contribute to fat gain as excess fructose is metabolized into fat. An even more dire consequence of eating excess fructose is that many cancers need fructose to divide and grow. By eating excess fructose one is in a sense feeding cancer cells, most notably cancer cells with in the endocrine cells of pancreas, the same pancreatic cancer that affected Steve Jobs.

In other words, the benefits of eating a fruitarian diet may be nixed by the complications that the consumption of excess fructose can cause. Eat a balanced diet that supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals while keeping sources of fructose to a minimum.

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