A real roots movement....?

A real roots movement….?

There is a new underground movement in the bellies of twitter called #IdleNoMore. Idle No More originated in Canada and consists of indigenous people standing up to the tar/oil sands behemoth. There have been hunger strikes and road blockades but none of it has gained the national spotlight like the divisive Occupy Movement, which lacked a core theme to hang the collective hat on.

This gathering of the first nations, though, could have the opposite vibe to it. This is not to say that there are not differences in thinking within the idle no more collective. It’s just that indigenous activists standing up for mother earth is much needed and something non-indigenous people can rally around.

With that in mind, here are five facts to face moving forward for the Idle No More movement.

Five Facts To Face

1. Removal From The Matrix
Much of the Occupy movement was awash because some people called for socialism, others simply wanted to end the fed and others just wanted to occupy everything. Idle No More needs to remove themselves from the Matrix. This includes coercion, colonial jobs and modern living. They need to lead first by example.

2. No More Handouts
Governments have become the father figures of indigenous people and in turn have directly ruled over their lives. The welfare policies are not sustainable and do not create an environment that is meant to last. They turn into an energy vacuum, the opposite of what the core message should be.

3. The Time Is Now
We’ve just experienced the warmest year in recorded history in America. The Arctic Ice Cap broke and the ocean is 30% more acidic than before fossil fuels. If there is a group of people who can inspire a voluntary movement built from sweaty hands and donations, it is the protectors of the Aborigine lands.

4. The Last Hope
Perhaps this might be dramatic but Idle No More or related derivative could be our last hope as a species. Every race and nationality in the ‘modern’ world needs to wake up to the fact that there is a conspiracy to keep us involved, to perfect the system in our own way so it operates a little bit more smoothly. This is to say, so that it destroys everything around us a little bit faster.

5. Inspire With Art
Idle No More needs to inspire help through art. It is time to get creative and turn this movement into a beautiful real life cinema. It is the only way to get people to click and then act.


Jesse Herman is the Founder of The Natural Independent. His work has been seen on Huffington Post, Rense.com, Mediaite.com, Engadget.com and more. In addition to writing, he is a web developer and video producer.

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