Iranian officials have told citizens in Isfahan, the city closest to their nuclear plant, to evacuate. This is not a town of ten thousand, rather one-and-a-half million. According to reports by the BBC:

Because pollution has now reached emergency levels.

If by pollution they mean radiation, then this would likely be the reason. There have been previous reports that said the uranium enrichment facility near Isfahan had been leaking radioactive material and now those reports are looking to be true.

This once again puts into spotlight the psychotic nature of governments in relation to concern over their people. How long has the facility been leaking? What will this exposure mean to over a million people?

We won’t know these answers right away but Iran citizens and it’s government should prepare to be humbled, or worse. The government is denying these claim but it would be hard to believe them.

It was reported in November that a radioactive leak may have poisoned several workers a the plant that converts highly toxic yellowcake uranium into material that could be used in the core of a nuclear weapon.

This will undoubtedly pressurize opposition to the Iran nuclear arms race in Iran and beyond.

Former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin explains:

“Pollution in Isfahan is a problem but in the past, Iranian authorities respond by closing schools and the government to keep people at home and let the pollution dissipate, not by evacuating people.

Mass evacuations suggest a far more serious problem. There are two possibilities here: There is a radiation leak and the regime is lying or there is really bad pollution and no one believes the regime’s explanations.

Rubin goes on to point out that Iranian official have a long history of lying, which is obvious, as there is yet to be a government in the history of the world that does not lie or mislead seemingly about everything.

The real mystery lies in the fact that Iran does not allow US inspector to poke around. So misinformation from all sides is bound misdirect as both sides participate in massive propaganda campaigns.

Then you have the conspiracy, as the Iran nuclear technology is a target so you never know who may have caused what. An unexplained explosion at the plant in 2011 is reported to have damaged the facility.

Plus, the plan sits on an active fault line. Just like Japan, the United States and virtually everywhere else, countries have decided to place nuclear power plants in high risk areas, closing their eyes to the inevitability of disaster.

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